Dark Souls for the Soul

Dark Souls for the Soul

Every once in a while a game will come along that changes everything. This can come in many different forms, including mechanics, ideas, or, as is the case for Dark Souls, they can create an entire genreDark Souls is a special game that has gained popularity ever since it came out. The game was a cult hit among the few who dared to play this game that many consider to be the hardest they ever played. Since then the series has seen two more main entries and a new spiritual successor called Bloodborne. The most recent game, Dark Souls 3, saw 61% more sales in its first week than Dark Souls 2. But to me it was always something more.

It took me three tries to beat the game, but ever since I saw the credits roll for the first time, I realized the masterpiece I had just played. The first two times I quit before finishing 10% of the game and for the third I used a guide to help me through. I never realized how much this game would affect my life. Before playing all the way through I was suffering from depression. It seemed like everything was falling apart. I had a lot of free time as my girlfriend and I had split, I quit my job, and school was over. So that’s when I decided to give this punishing game another chance. I played all the way to the finish and realized I had no idea what the fuck was going on other than some small things I picked up on the way.


I looked up the game on Google and saw all these people talking about things that I never realized. I went to read some of the lore they were coming up with as well as watching videos that others have posted on their findings of the game. This game is nothing but tragedy. I went in depth on all the lore I could find and then decided to play the game again. At the end, I cried. I started noticing what others noticed all along, and the feeling of triumph washed over me. It’s silly but I felt like I could take on anything. I started having discussions with people and included myself in groups where I found friends that share my same feeling. I started being social again. I started feeling less and less hopeless.

I’m not the only one who has benefitted from Dark Souls. In fact YouTuber VaatiVidya, is now using the Dark Souls game and lore to create videos. That is one of his primary sources of income. This man is literally making a living because of Dark Souls. Sometimes things come into your life that you don’t think much about until you realize it changes your life. For this case it was an incredibly difficult video game that taught me that no matter what happens, I come back stronger. Even though that’s kind of a cliche thing I should have learned a long time ago.



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